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Blues Records Discography, 1943 onwards

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Welcome to the Website for

Record Information Services

which was established in 1974, long before computers in most homes and the spread of the internet,
to provide reliable information via label listings (catalogues / discographies) of British record labels
to assist record collectors and researchers, and more recently to provide information on the recording
artists and groups themselves. Over the years, Record Information Services (RIS) has advanced with the times
and continues to provide the most accurate and well-researched work of its kind, some of which is now
being made freely available online. Record Information Services was also the original publisher of
the two-volume discographical set "Blues Records, 1943-1970" by Mike Leadbitter & others, as well as
"Gospel Records, 1943-1969"
by Bob Laughton & Cedric Hayes, and "A Blues Bibliography" by Robert Ford.
In addition to the foregoing, back in 1981 Record Information Services was responsible for issuing the now
very sought-after Heavy Metal / NWOBHM single by Demon Pact on the Slime label, and maintains a watch on
the copyright in all Demon Pact compositions, recordings, logos and other artwork.

RIS is currently selling off large numbers of original (mainly) British record company
trade catalogues, release sheets, brochures, leaflets, etc.
Please email if you think you might be interested in something.

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Blues Records Discography, 1943 onwards


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