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The British LONDON (American) Record Label

British LONDON (American) Singles Catalogue, 1949-1982

Complete 78/45 rpm Singles Catalogue, 1949-1982. The definitive guide to this legendary label, includes label history, label changes & photos, chart information, and many more interesting facts, from start to finish of this fascinating label (a fundamental change of the label occurred in 1982). All the information was compiled through access to the official label files held by  the parent Decca Record Company, not forgetting the invaluable help of the actual label manager who was in charge for 30 years, and the contribution of many London record collectors. As a bonus, it includes the LONDON 7000 Export label, plus FELSTED AF 100 Singles series, 1958-1960.

A5 format, 120 pp booklet, laminate cover, published in 1982.
Supplied with separate Artist Index which includes some additional information
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We are in possession of the official, complete London singles master files (which list all issued and unissued material), and other official Decca company files. These items are for sale at the right price.


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