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Movie Stills
Digital Images For Sale

In a pre-digital age, in the absence of source negatives for publicity pictures, film distributors resorted to having high quality, large format copy negatives made from the positive material they were supplied with by the movie companies. These professional format, usually Black & White, negatives were then used to provide the quantity of publicity pictures required.

A large number of these negatives have survived and using modern scanning techniques, they provide a satisfying quality of digital image which can further manipulated and / or used to make positive prints. Offered here for sale are digital images taken from large format negatives, JPEGS originally scanned at 300 or 600 dpi in 8-bit grayscale, and also some 2400 dpi scans taken from original (NOT copy) 35 mm negatives, but all sale pictures are supplied at 300 dpi. All pictures are cropped to remove any white borders, and will print at the size indicated for each picture (roughly to print within A4 or Letter size), although it is very easy to crop or alter the dimensions to suit the purpose.

All digital images are priced at US$1.75 each and will be sent as email attachments (PLEASE NOTE no full-sized images are stored on this website). The watermarked (sold images are watermark free) 96 dpi sample pictures shown here are for illustration only, to give a reasonable view of the still and its quality. Images may have minor blemishes which originate from the negative but which can be easily be dealt with using even basic software (such as included with the highly praised Freeware Irfanview viewer).

Payment for digital image purchases is through PayPal (no account needed, and PayPal will deal with any currency exchange matters). However, because PayPal fee disproportionately affect small payments, the minimum purchase is three digital images, amounting to US$5.25. If you wish to make a purchase, please contact me, Guy Pelletier, at the email address shown at the top. New images will be added as frequently as possible.

The seller makes no claim to the copyright of these images but their intended purpose was to be freely used for publicity purposes. The film source of any picture should be clearly given if being used for public display.


Battle Of Britain (1969)


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