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(UK) ALLIGATOR Complete Label
45 rpm Singles & LP

     This hitherto unpublished listing was compiled by Paul Pelletier. Between 1977 and 1980, Paul owned a record shop in Bromley, Kent (on the southern edge of London), selling new and second-hand records. It was an interesting, even exciting, time in the music business because Punk was shaking up the established order and a Rock & Roll revival was in full swing, with Rockabilly to the fore. On top of that, Rock music was steadily evolving, and Heavy Metal was not too far over the horizon. For Paul it was all a musical education, but he particularly enjoyed the Rockabilly scene and knew a lot of the people involved, like Johnny Key, Lee Allan and Nick Garrard. Punk spurred on the idea that anyone could record and issue their own records, which was taken up with enthusiasm in the Rockabilly world and led to labels like Alligator spotlighted here.

     Time has taken its toll on actual facts but Paul recalls Alligator was based in North London, and perhaps was started by manager and promoter Lee Allan. Although the album listed below gives an address in Birmingham to purchase the singles by mail-order, all the records were actually cut at BTW Recording Studios in Wood Green, North London, which supports Paul's recollection the label came from that part of the world. This is a trade flyer for Alligator sent out circa 1978/9 by Superdisc of West Norwood, South London - Superdisc was a small chain of record shops owned by Len Ford, sometime guitarist with 1960s group The Hi-Fi's, which also ran a mail-order and wholesale operation for mainly Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly / Country records.

     Any further information is welcome.
Guy Pelletier

Added 10-Sep-2013; Updated 08-Oct-2013

(British) ALLIGATOR ALL 100 7-inch 45 rpm Singles Series, 1978-1980

ALL 101



Fallin' for you
Hillbilly music (with a rocking beat)

ALL 102



Rockin' on down the line
Thinkin' on you

ALL 103



Keep my big wheels turnin'
Make you realise

ALL 104



I'd find you
Little confused


     In 1980, a 14-track compilation album appeared on Alligator ALL LP 001 titled "Home Grown Rockabilly", with artwork and sleeve note by Nick Garrard, who ran "Cat Talk" magazine. In 1989, the album was reissued by Nervous on NERD 053 as part of a "Classic Gold Reissue Series", and with a revised sleeve note by Nick Garrard.

Side One

1. THE METEORS - Crazy love [the original LP spelt METEORS with reversed "E"s and an accented "S", the reissue did not]

2. JOHNNY KEYS with THE KOOL KATS - London is my hillbilly home

3. THE RHYTHM CATS - Rockin' this joint tonite

4. GENTLEMAN JIM (Mealey) with THE KOOL KATS - Hi ho fiddle-dee-dee

5. THE RHYTHM CATS - I'm on my way

6. JOHNNY KEYS with THE KOOL KATS - Tears falling down like rain

7. THE METEORS - Go away

Side Two

1. THE RHYTHM CATS - Move over baby

2. THE POLECATS - Rockin' all nite

3. GENTLEMAN JIM (Mealey) with THE KOOL KATS - Little confused

4. THE METEORS - My baby loves me (Yes she does)

5. THE RHYTHM CATS - My baby's gone

6. GENTLEMAN JIM (Mealey) with THE KOOL KATS - Second hand information

7. JOHNNY KEYS with THE KOOL KATS - Fallin' for you

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