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1964 - 1965

     Introduced in 1964, Senator was an even cheaper price sister label to Embassy, both produced by Oriole for exclusive sale through F.W. Woolworth stores in Britain, although available for export elsewhere. Senator was an LP only label, unlike Embassy, and mainly consisted of reissues of Embassy material under changed names or recycled CBS material, that company having acquired Oriole around the time the Senator label was introduced. Senator appears to have ended at the same time as Embassy in 1965, presumably because the contract to supply F.W. Woolworth stores came to an end; subsequently, Woolworth's sold records issued by Pickwick, which company licensed material from a variety of established record labels.

     Any additional information is welcome - considerable thanks is due to Stuart Ralls for providing information about this label and the sleeve pictures to date, track listings will start to appear soon.
Guy Pelletier

Added 04-Jul-2018; Updated 17-Aug-2018

(British) SENATOR WSR 800 (Mono) 12-inch 33⅓ rpm Long-Play Series, 1964-1965

WSR 801
WSR 802  
WSR 803  
WSR 804  
WSR 805  
WSR 806  
WSR 807  
WSR 808  
WSR 809  
WSR 810  
WSR 811  
WSR 812  
WSR 813  
WSR 814  
WSR 815  
WSR 816  
WSR 817  
WSR 818  
WSR 819  
WSR 820  
WSR 821

The Senator Singers, Chorus & Orchestra
(aka Chorus & Orchestra directed by James Wright with:
(a) Rikki Henderson; (b) Paul Rich)

"Say It With Music - The Big Hits Of Irving Berlin"

Side 1: Alexander's Ragtime Band / Cheek To Cheek / (a) Blue Skies /
We Saw The Sea / (b) What'll I Do? /
(a) A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Side 2: Everybody's Doing It Now / Say It With Music /
There's No Business Like Show Business /
(b) Always / (a) Easter Parade /
(b) How Deep Is The Ocean?

[reissue of Embassy WLP 6026]
WSR 822

The Senator Singers, Chorus & Orchestra
(aka (a) Iris Villiers; (b) Paul Rich; (c) Andy Cole; 
(d) Leoni Page; (e) Charles Young; (f) Jean Campbell)

"The Sound Of Music - Flower Drum Song"

Side 1: "The Sound Of Music" - (a) The Sound Of Music / (b) Sixteen Going On Seventeen /
(a) My Favourite Things / (c) Climb Ev'ry Mountain / (b) Edelweiss / (a) Do-Re-Mi

Side 2: "Flower Drum Song" - (d) A Hundred Million Miles / (e) You Are Beautiful /
(f) I Enjoy Being A Girl / (e) Like A God / (f) Chop Suey /
(d) Love Look Away / (d,e) Sunday / (f) Grant Avenue

[part-reissues of Embassy WLP 6017 & 6018]
WSR 823


accompanied by Robin Wood, piano

"Intermezzo - Violin Solos By Tessa Robbins"

Side 1: Hejre Kati (Hubay) / On Wings Of Song (Mendelssohn, arr. Achron) /
Czardas (Monti) / Schön Rosmarin (Kreisler) /
Intermezzo (from "Escape To Happiness")(Provost) /
Valse Bluette (Drigo, arr. Auer)

Side 2: Dance Español (Granados, arr. Kreisler) / Salut d'Amour (Elgar) /
Hora Staccato (Dinicu, arr. Heifetz) /
Souvenir (Drdla) / Élégie (Massanet) / Caprice Viennois (Kreisler)

[reissue of Embassy WLP 6022]

WSR 824



"A Musical Tour"

Side 1: El Choclo / Under The Bridges Of Paris / Greensleeves / Dark Eyes /
Malagueña / Aloha Oe / On The Beach At Waikiki

Side 2: Swedish Rhapsody / Come Back To Sorrento / Mexican Hat Dance /
Londonderry Air / Wien, Wien (Vienna, City Of My Dreams) / Hejre Kait

WSR 825  
WSR 826


(aka (a) Laurie Gold & His Pieces Of Eight; (b) The Dixielanders)

"Dixieland Dance Party"

Side 1: (a) Sensation Rag / (b) When You Wore A Tulip / (b) Careless Love /
(a) Down By The Old Millstream / (b) Original Dixieland One-Step /
(a) Washington And Lee Swing / (b) South Rampart St. Parade

Side 2: (a) High Society / (b) Milenberg Joys / (b) Someday You'll Be Sorry /
(a) Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland / (b) Chicago /
(a) Jazz Me Blues / (b) Margie

[reissue of Embassy WLP 6035]

WSR 827  
WSR 828  
WSR 829  
WSR 830  
WSR 831  
WSR 832  
WSR 833  
WSR 834  
WSR 835  
WSR 836    
WSR 837    
WSR 838    
WSR 839    
WSR 840    
WSR 851  
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