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Billy Fury

Decca F 11888 - "I Will" c/w "Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees)"
May 1964 Press Release (??? words + 2 pictures)

     Male singer from Liverpool discovered by Larry Parnes, a successful hit-maker since 1959 and bearing up well in the face of the British Beat onslaught. This non-specific press release was issued in the month after the above single (another Top Twenty chart entry), and has useful biographical information, plus a list of all his Decca releases.

Decca LP LK 4677 - "I've Gotta Horse"
April 1965 Press Release (??? words)

     This is the soundtrack LP of the musical comedy film Billy starred in. The press release gives some information about the film, and full details of the album, which also featured his backing group The Gamblers, and The Bachelors, etc.

Decca F 12178 - "In Thoughts Of You" c/w "Away From You"
June 1965 Press Release (??? words)

     "In Thoughts Of You" turned out to be Billy's last Top Ten hit. The press release talks about his main hobby and some other contemporary information

Parlophone R 5560 - "Hurting Is Loving" [sic] c/w "Things Are Changing"
January 1967 Press Release (1245 words)

     By 1967, Billy was struggling in a changing 'Pop' world. The year marked the switch of label from Decca to Parlophone, home to Liverpool's greatest success story, The Beatles, but it didn't work for Billy. The press release is a very useful biography to date, with some curious personal touches.


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