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Frank Ifield

(EMI) Columbia - October 1959 Press Release (??? words)

     Male singer born in Coventry but his family later emigrated to Australia, where he became a top entertainer. This press release was issued by EMI just before he arrived in the UK in November 1959 to try his luck, and before any records had been issued here.

Columbia DB 4464 - "Happy Go Lucky Me" [sic] c/w "Unchained Melody"
May 1960 Press Release (??? words)

     Having made the charts with his first UK record, "Lucky Devil", at the start of 1960, this second release lost out to veteran George Formby, but it was only a minor setback for Frank. The press release is a useful biography to date, expanding on the 1959 one.

Columbia DB 7772 - "I Guess" c/w "Then Came She"
November 1965 Press Release (??? words)

     By 1965, Frank Ifield was a big star in Britain, ending the year with the release of a film and appearing in pantomime (with songs written by The Shadows), from which two productions this single is derived. This press release gives background to the film and pantomime.


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