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Bobby Rio [UK](& The Revelles)
[aka Bobby Cristo & The Rebels]
as Bobby Cristo & The Rebels - Decca F 1193 - "The Other Side Of The Track" c/w "I Got You Out Of My Mind"
May 1964 Publicity Sheet (??? words + picture)
Male singer and four man group originating from Essex, previously led and repeatedly re-named by Steve Marriott (see Wikipedia article on The Moments). This debut single for Decca was produced by Joe Meek, but a while after they changed their name to the more stable Bobby Rio & The Revelles. The publicity sheet has very useful group biographical information.
as Bobby Rio & The Revelles - Pye 7N 15790 - "Boy Meets Girl" c/w "Don't Break My Heart And Run Away"
March 1965 Publicity Sheet (1173 words)
After breaking up and reforming, Bobby & Co. made their Pye record debut, still produced by Joe Meek. The publicity sheet has very useful group biographical information, and notes that Steve Marriott was in an earlier incarnation.

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