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(on Instant, Parlophone)

Instant INSP 004 - "Are You Sampson"
November 1969

Parlophone R 5867 - "Venus" c/w "Wool & Water"
October 1970

Ian Kewley - vocals, French horn
Paul Ford - trumpet
Les Jones - guitar
Norman Findley - Hammond organ
[conflict of spelling with Findlay shown on LP labels]
Les Olbinson - bass
Mike Delaney - drums

     Samson were a six man group originally hailing from Manchester. The group had its origins in The Rainmakers, which became The Big City Soul Band, with a line-up including trumpet and French horn. By way of a name change to Baker Street Limited, in 1969 they signed with the infamous manager Don Arden and moved south, first to Birchington, Kent (near Margate) on the south-east coast and adopting the name Samson along the way. Through Arden's agency, they gigged at places like the Marquee in London and a recording contract with Immediate subsidiary label Instant was arranged, resulting in the "Are You Samson" album, produced by Paul Korda. However, the company was in poor financial shape, the album did not get promoted, nor a single issued from it.
     Early in 1970, Immediate was bankrupt, however Paul Korda kept faith and through his Aquarius Records production company leased a single to Parlophone; the A-side was a re-recording (or possibly remix) of a track from the Instant LP. When this failed to raise interest, the band eventually disbanded, with only Ian Kewley going on to make a noticeable mark in the music business.
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