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Blues Records Discography, 1943 onwards

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Blues Records Discography, 1943 onwards,
by Mike Leadbitter & Others


The lengthy (and unedifying) Introduction and a full list of Credits will appear in due course. The layout has been finalised and the upload slowly progresses - to date, all artists beginning with A are now available but because it is summer, house renovations, gardening, relaxing, and other work projects, all take precedence over this discography (and since starting this, I have found lots of other interesting things taking precedence over this project - if anybody wants the job of converting document files to HTML and doing updating, just ask - you will be given full credit for the work):


ABBREVIATIONS (used in this Discography)

Artists: Aa onwards - Marion Abernathy to Cesta Ayres

Artists: Ba onwards - Jimmy B to Sam Baker [ongoing]

SOME ENTRIES HAVE BEEN CHECKED AND UPDATED, and shown as such at the end, although it is self-evident that a lot more can be achieved. It appears that many entries have not been corrected since Mike Leadbitter (who died in 1973) added the information, but now the internet provides a vast wealth of information, albeit requiring time and perseverance, that Mike, working long before the internet age, could only dream about. Any assistance in the improvement of this discography is appreciated, all name credits will be given at the end of the relevant entry.

The priority is to upload the entire Blues Records, 1943-1970, discography as quickly as possible, after which serious updating can begin, with the goodwill and assistance of many others. However, working through the manuscript, it is very easy to get side-tracked by inconsistencies, and confusing and incomplete information which can usually be resolved by determined internet searches or consulting various published works.


Paul & Guy Pelletier

Added 13-Mar-2014; Updated 13-Jan-2016

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