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(UK) BELL Corrections & Additions, etc.

     A while ago, somebody raised the issue of Bell logo singles on Arista, the injection-moulded rather than pressed type, and the query was passed to Rob Archer, whose original project this was. The injection-moulded singles began in the Autumn of 1977 when Arista moved its pressing and distribution from EMI to Phonogram. In a recent email, Philip Shaw asks again about reissues of Bell singles in the late 1970s & early 1980s by Arista using the original Bell catalogue numbers, all injection moulded. Examples he quotes (1369 - "Summerlove Sensation" by Bay City Rollers, 1436 - "The Snake" by Al Wilson, 1468 - "Knock Three Times" by Dawn, 1495 - "Under The Moon Of Love" by Showaddywaddy") were still in the EMI catalogue at the time of the distribution switch and presumably retained in catalogue when Phonogram took over. They were clearly all steady sellers and thus repressed in whatever manner was being used, which happened to be injection-moulded. The key to knowing exactly what else may exist on injection mouldings lies with access to Arista trade information of the period, probably to be found in Phonogram trade information although main Phonogram catalogues did not include singles, they were listed in regular supplements. Somewhere in the RIS archives is a stash of Arista release sheets which may also shed light on this, but they have to be found.

     There were some later Arista-Bell 7-inch vinyl issues, all picture sleeves and part of some international numbering system used in the 1990s. The final digit on the catalogue number indicated the format - "7" was for 7-inch singles, "1" was for 12-inch singles, "2" was for CD singles, "4" was for cassette singles. There are other candidates but it is not clear whether they were issued as CD (and maybe cassette) singles only or if a vinyl version exists. In general, RIS stopped cataloguing records beyond 1990, when compact discs really began to take over.

     Any further information is welcome.
Guy Pelletier

Added 08-Sep-2013

74321 174897 -93 HULK HOGAN with Green Jelly
[B-side plays at 33⅓ rpm]
I'm the leader of the gang
Thing-a-ma-bob / Hulkomaniac
74321 177187 -93 VILLAGE PEOPLE Y.M.C.A. '93 Remix
Go west
74321 178137 -94 WORLDS APART Beggin' to be written (Remix)
74321 193067 -94 Q feat. Tony Jackson 
[also as a 33⅓ rpm 12-inch on 74321 193061 with three different versions of the A-side + B-side]
(Everything I do) I do it for you
74321 198197 -94 VILLAGE PEOPLE In the Navy (Ibiza radio mix)
In the Navy (St. Tropez radio mix)
74321 220947 -95 NICK HOWARD
[also as a 33⅓ rpm 12-inch on both EVERY 1 and as 74321 220941 with four different versions of the A-side]
Everybody needs somebody (Radio)
Give me a reason

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