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(UK) FONTANA Corrections & Additions, etc.


     I received an email some time ago which I never followed up, but which I think was from Steve Power. It mentioned John Dummer, and at the time I was baffled by it. However, whilst compiling the Philips singles listing, I discovered that the Fontana catalogue number 6007 027, which was definitely a French issue by John Dummer's Famous Music Band, was also used for a UK Fontana demo pressing by the band Czar, but the 'stock' pressing was issued on Philips 6006 071 in December 1970. Around this time, Philips were trying to end Fontana as a singles label (although it did burst back into life later) and the Czar release was transferred to Philips.

Added Aug-2009; Updated 09-Aug-2013


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