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(UK) LONDON (American) Corrections & Additions, etc.

     In the notes on page 13 of the 1982 edition of the London (American) Singles Catalogue, it states that "Releases from U.S. London mainly belonged to the DLG 50000 matrix series, which appears to be genuinely related to the chronological sequence of recordings." It has now been established that the DLG 50000 matrix series was for index / control purposes only, because U.S. London relied entirely on bought-in masters for its American roster and these numbers would have been allocated by Decca in the UK when the masters were received and prepared for pressing in the UK for export to the U.S.A. (not Canada, which pressed its own London records because of import tariffs).

     In the notes on page 10 of the 1982 edition of the London (American) Singles Catalogue, it wrongly states for L 1157 (also applies to L 1172) that THE DUCHESS was Winifred Atwell. The subsequent discovery of a publicity sheet (and in the possession of RIS) headed "The Duchess" confirms that she was actually Peggy Cochrane, who was also a Decca recording artist.

     In the notes on page 11 of the 1982 edition of the London (American) Singles Catalogue, it wrongly states for HL 8077 that VIDO MUSSO was the son of Mussolini, sometime dictator of Italy. Mussolini did have a talented musician son, Romano, who became a respected jazz pianist.

     On Pages 68 & 69, there is no evidence for the existence of 78 rpm pressings for the following:
HLG 9115 - Eddie Cochran - "Three Steps To Heaven"
HLU 9146 - The Hollywood Argyles - "Alley-oop"
HLU 9149 - Roy Orbison - "Only The Lonely"
HLP 9163 - Fats Domino - "Walking To New Orleans"
HLG 9172 - Johnny Burnette - "Dreamin'"
     The above records were assumed to have also been made available at 78 rpm on the basis of their UK Chart success, but the complete lack of evidence from various contemporary sources, including Decca Group trade release sheets and catalogues, clearly shows that other factors were required for a 78 rpm issue at this time, quite likely a demand from another country to which London releases could be exported. All the other reported 78 rpm issues for 1960 have been verified, up to and including HLX 9190 (Johnny & The Hurricanes) which was notified as additionally available on 78 rpm to record dealers in early October 1960, along with HLD 9184 (Pat Boone) and HLP 9188 (Ricky Nelson).

     Per Audun Tylden, Amend as follows on Page 90:

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