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(UK) ORIOLE Corrections & Additions, etc.


Per Syd Kreft from Germany, ADD to Listing:
CB 1942 - BUDDY BRITTEN & THE REGENTS - Everybody has their day // A merry-go-round of love [probably an export issue]
CORRECT: CB 1911 & 1942 to BUDDY BRITTEN (corrected by me on later catalogues sold, and see below)

     On a general note, whilst checking the listing, several records were out of numerical order (1123, 1130, 1978) but this has now been corrected. Also, I have added a note to clarify the two issues shown for CB 1542; the Vic Barell record was scheduled and apparently not released, but 45 rpm pressings for Johnny Scott definitely exist.

     An email from Martin Samuels (who once played drums with Geoffrey Glover-Wright, aka Simon Raven, aka Simon Raverne, aka Buddy Britten) also corrects me on CB 1942 which I had wrongly shown as "BOBBY". The male singer Bobbie Britton has no connection with Buddy Britten.
This website throws light on Buddy Britten:

Added Jun-2009, Aug-2009 & Mar-2011


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