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(UK) RCA (Victor) Corrections & Additions, etc.

Per Bob Casselden, ADD to Listing:
RCA 1006 - THE THREE SUNS - Moonlight and roses (bring mem'ries of you) // Wailin' guitars
This was previously described as "wrongly reported as by The Three Suns", but Bob has kindly sent scans of the single. However, it is believed the single was not made available for the UK market but intended for Export, or possibly for PX Exchanges on American bases in the UK.

Per David Smith, ADD to Listing:
RCA 1186 - SKEETER DAVIS - Wishful thinking // Am I that easy to forget
RCA 1448 - JIM REEVES - Don't let me cross over // The world you've left behind

     David describes both singles as normal releases and recalls hearing the Skeeter Davis record on Radio Luxembourg at the time (1960) and buying it maybe a year later from a market stall in Stockport. However, there is no trace of either record in any official trade record catalogue or other British record releases publication at the time, they didn't find their way into the very comprehensive (at that time) BBC Gramophone Library, nor are copies of these singles readily available through normal internet sources. They were possibly intended for export, or PX Exchanges on UK American bases, or perhaps simply missed from trade catalogues by an administrative error and sold poorly.

     On a general note, earlier listings omit 1295, for which no issue is known.

Per Brian Hawkins, ADD to Listing:
RCA 1511 - JIM REEVES - We Thank Thee // Across The Bridge
Brian says: "With regard to the single RCA 1448 [see above] I can confirm it exists, but what puzzles me is why the one I have seen has an orange label, as this number would have been used around April 1965 and therefore should have had a black label.
     "RCA 1511 is also a Jim Reeves item - the copy I have seen has an orange label. Again, this number meant that it should have had a black label. If they were export copies, why haven't they turned up on eBay? I can confirm that both are genuine U.K. releases as I have had the opportunity to look at them closely."

     I can only repeat what I said earlier about these records, although the fact that Brian Hawkins has seen both RCA 1448 & 1511 pressings with the later orange labels clearly indicates they were available long enough to need re-pressing, which rules out my remark (for 1448 at least) that they sold poorly. As far as I know, the minimum pressing for a single made by Decca (who was responsible for RCA at that time) was 500 copies, so if 500 copies were made with black labels, then another 500 with the later orange labels, that suggests that at least 1000 copies of RCA 1448 & 1511 existed at one time. It is certainly odd that none of these records (RCA 1186, 1448 & 1511) found their way into the BBC Gramophone Library, and they are not surfacing on the internet. However, just because there is a large international internet market for buying and selling old records, the vast majority of records which have been sold are never offered for sale, assuming they even still exist or are in saleable condition.

Added Jun-2009, Aug-2009 & Jan-2010; Updated 01-May-2021

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