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(UK) TEMPO & JAZZ MAN Corrections & Additions, etc.


Page 22 - The entry for the Jazz Man label fails to mention that the main records listed were 10" 78 rpm issues, although it can be sensibly presumed as such. Also, although the dating of the first two numerical issues by Lu Watters looks suspect, they are correct according to contemporary information; the quoted piece by Oliver King clearly states that the Kid Ory records were the first to be issued.

Pages 33 & 35 - Entries for Tempo LPs TAP 10 & 21 wrongly state that their covers feature a picture of Joan Collins; in fact the pictures are that of her younger sister (later famous as a writer), Jackie Collins, who at the time was dating Tony Hall. Hall was the producer of the LPs and much involved with Tempo and its parent company, Vogue Records, which in turn was owned by Decca Records.

Added 22-Jan-2021


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