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Various Record Catalogues, Supplements, Trade Release Sheets, Leaflets, Advertising, Magazines, etc.

     Over many years, Record Information Services has acquired a large number of trade catalogues, leaflets, magazines, music papers, etc. related to records of all formats (78s, 45s, LPs, EPs, Cassettes, CDs, etc.) and genres (Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, etc.) issued mainly in Britain, some from overseas. Everything is now for sale, as shown in the items which appear, and will continually be added, in these webpages. Prospective buyers are welcome to ask for more detailed descriptions regarding items, or enquire about items which have not yet appeared and may be in the RIS collection.

     Regarding listed items, no prices are given, it is up to any prospective buyer to make an offer for individual items or bulk lots. Offers can be made in Sterling (preferred), Euros or either U.S. or Canadian dollars, shipping from Canada will be added at cost. Your offer may be accepted, rejected or a counter-offer made. Whilst the decision has been made to sell all these items, this is not a Fire Sale, the sellers are not desperate for money (only space) and a sensible market value is expected for all items.

Guy Pelletier

Added 24-Mar-2019

ITEMS FOR SALE - "New Singles"

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