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1959 - 1965

     Since the original publication of the Embassy singles listing in 1991, only one catalogue number remains unaccounted for, and there has also been some additional EP information (see here). The Embassy Long-Play listing is now almost complete and listed below. Although the Embassy label was primarily produced by Oriole to supply the F.W. Woolworth chain of stores in Britain with budget records, it was also exported by Oriole, certainly to Australia and licensed for re-pressing in Israel. When CBS acquired Oriole in 1964 (they wanted its record manufacturing facilities), it seems certain that Embassy was only continued into the following year to meet contractual obligations with Woolworths, after which the Embassy trademark lay dormant until revived by CBS in 1973 as a budget reissue LP label, which is outside the scope of this listing. After Embassy's demise, Woolworths sold records issued by Pickwick, which company licensed material from a variety of established record labels. A listing has been added for Embassy's sister label, Senator, introduced in 1964 and which included both fresh and recycled Embassy material.

     Thanks to Bob Lusty for WLP 5009, 6069, 6075, 6078 (and especially this cover) update, Stuart Ralls for WLP 6009 and others, Deborah Catt for WLP 6039, Tony Osterman for WLP 6077, Ray Pilgrim for WLP 6069, Chris Dunkley for WLP 5007, and Andy Warr for WLP 5003. A very special thank you to Stuart Ralls for providing most of the front cover pictures and assistance with the track listings, which have been added by Paul Pelletier. Note that, where appropriate, artist names and titles have been altered and sometimes extended to correct the source information. Any other help would be appreciated.
Guy Pelletier

Added 04-Aug-2013; Updated 22-Nov-2020

(British) EMBASSY WLP 5000 (Mono / Stereo) 10-inch 33⅓ rpm Long-Play Series, 1959

WLP 5000 (Mono) - April 1959

conducted by SERGE LAMONT

"Ludvig van Beethoven - The Fifth Symphony"

Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67 (Beethoven)

Side 1: 1st Movement - Allegro Con Brio / 2nd Movement - Andante Con Moto

Side 2: 3rd Movement - Allegro / 4th Movement - Allegro

[also Stereo on WLP 5007-S; reissued on WLP 6010 plus added title, also reissued on Senator WSR 802]

WLP 5001 (Mono) - April 1959

Solo Violin: Tessa Robbins

"Rimsky-Korsakov - Excerpts from Scheherazade, Symphonic Suite, Op. 35"

Side 1: 1st Movement - The Sea And Sinbad's Ship /
2nd Movement - The Story Of The Kalandar Prince

Side 2: 3rd Movement - The Young Prince And The Young Princess /
4th Movement - Festival In Baghdad - The Sea

[reissued on WLP 6009 plus added title, also reissued elsewhere]

WLP 5002 (Mono) - April 1959


"Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture" / "Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2"

Side 1: "1812" Overture (Tchaikovsky)

Side 2: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (Liszt)

[Side 1 reissued on Senator WSR 801]

WLP 5003 (Mono) - October 1959


"Famous Overtures"

Side 1: William Tell (Rossini)

Side 2: Poet And Peasant (Suppé) / Light Cavalry (Suppé)

[also Stereo on WLP 5009-S - see below; Side 1 reissued on Senator WSR 801]

WLP 5004 (Mono) - October 1959

Director of Music - Major S.V. Hays, R.A.

"Great Marches"

Side 1: National Emblem / Old Comrades / Lorraine / Stars And Stripes

Side 2: On The Quarter Deck / Wee MacGregor / Lynwood /
Entry Of The Gladiators

[also Stereo on WLP 5008-S - see below,
also reissued on WLP 6005 with added titles]

WLP 5005 (Mono) - 1959


"Pipes And Drums"

Side 1: Set - The Skye Boat Song - The Pibroch Of Donhuil Dhu - The Marquis Of Huntley -
The Piper O'Drummond - Highland Laddie /
Marches - My Home / The March Of The Cameron Men

Side 2: Foursome Reel - Monymusk - Louden's Bonnie Woods And Braes -
Reel O'Tulloch - Mrs. Macleod Of Rassay /
Marches - Lochanside - Magersfontein - The Glendaruel Highlanders

[mostly reissued on WLP 6008 with added titles]

WLP 5006 (Mono)

accompanied by Robin Wood (piano)

"Your Favourite Violin Solos"

Side 1: Schön Rosmarin (Kreisler) / Czardas (Monti) / Intermezzo (from "Escape To Happiness", Provost) /
Valse Bluette (Drigo, arr. Auer)

Side 2: Souvenir (Drdla) / Hora Staccato (Dinicu, arr. Heifetz) / Élégie (Massanet) /
Caprice Viennois (Kreisler)

[reissued on WLP 6022 plus added titles, also reissued elsewhere]

WLP 5007-S (Stereo)

conducted by SERGE LAMONT

"Ludvig van Beethoven - The Fifth Symphony"

Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67 (Beethoven)

Side 1: 1st Movement - Allegro Con Brio / 2nd Movement - Andante Con Moto

Side 2: 3rd Movement - Allegro / 4th Movement - Allegro

[Stereo version of WLP 5000]


WLP 5008-S (Stereo)

Director of Music - Major S.V. Hays, R.A.

"Great Marches"

Side 1: National Emblem / Old Comrades / Lorraine / Stars And Stripes

Side 2: On The Quarter Deck / Wee MacGregor / Lynwood /
Entry Of The Gladiators

[Stereo version of WLP 5004]


WLP 5009-S (Stereo)


"Famous Overtures"

Side 1: William Tell (Rossini)

Side 2: Poet And Peasant (Suppé) / Light Cavalry (Suppé)

[Stereo version of WLP 5003]

(British) EMBASSY WLP 6000 (Mono) 12-inch 33⅓ rpm Long-Play Series, 1960-1965

WLP 6000 - 1960

conducted by Michael Freedman

"A Night At The Ballet"

Side 1: "Coppelia" (Delibes) - Mazurka / "Sylvia" (Delibes) - Pizzicato /
"Swan Lake"
(Tchaikovsky) - Waltz / "Ballet Egyptian" (Luigini) - Allegro Non Troppo - Allegretto /
"The Nutcracker"
(Tchaikovsky) - Russian Dance - Dance Of The Reedpipes (Mirlitons)

Side 2: "Le Beau Danube" (Strauss) - Pas De Deux /
"The Sleeping Beauty"
(Tchaikovsky) - Bluebird Variation - Valse /
"Gaite Parisienne"
(Offenbach) - Can-Can /
(Rimsky-Korsakov) - Closing Scene

[reissued on Senator WSR 825]

WLP 6001 - 1960


"Salute To Glenn Miller & Duke Ellington"

Side 1: Tuxedo Junction / American Patrol / Moonlight Serenade / In The Mood /
Pennsylvania 6-500 / Little Brown Jug

Side 2: Take The "A" Train / Sophisticated Lady / C Jam Blues [correct title] /
Mood Indigo / Solitude / In A Sentimental Mood

WLP 6002 - 1960

Orchestra conducted by JACQUES LEROY

"Musical Cruise"

Side 1: Argentina - El Choclo / France - Under The Bridges Of Paris / England - Greensleeves / 
- Black Eyes / Spain - Malagueña /
- Aloha Oe / On The Beach Of Waikiki

Side 2: Sweden - Swedish Rhapsody / Italy - Come Back To Sorrento / Mexico - Mexican Hat Dance /
- Londonderry Air / Austria - Vien (Vienna, City Of My Dreams) /
- Herje Kati

[reissued on Senator WSR 824; Jacques Leroy is actually Michael Freedman]

WLP 6003

Various Artists: (a) Barry Johns; (b) Jean Campbell; (c) Kenny Bardell; (d) Leoni Page;
(e) Paul Rich; (f) Nowakowski; (g) Riki Henderson; (h) Neville Taylor; (i) John Hanson;
(j) Rita Williams; (k) Billy McCormack; (l) Gerry Grant; (m) Doreen Hume

"Show Parade - Songs From The Musicals"

Side 1: "South Pacific" - (a) Some Enchanted Evening / "Flower Drum Song" - (b) I Enjoy Being A Girl /
"West Side Story"
- (c) Tonight - (d) I Feel Pretty / "Gigi" - (c) Gigi / "Fings Ain't What They Used T'Be" -
(e) Fings Ain't What They Used T'Be / "Showboat" - (f) Ol' Man River / "Pal Joey" - (g) The Lady Is A Tramp

Side 2: "My Fair Lady" - (d) I Could Have Danced All Night / "Porgy And Bess" - (h) It Ain't Necessarily So /
"Kismet" - (i) Stranger In Paradise / "High Society" - (j) True Love / "Guys And Dolls" - (k) Guys And Dolls /
"The Most Happy Fella"
- (e) Standing On The Corner / "The King And I" - (l) Hello Young Lovers /
- (i,m) Oklahoma

WLP 6004

  conducted by MICHAEL FREEDMAN

"Four Masterpieces"

Side 1: 1812 Overture (Tchaikovsky) /
"Light Cavalry" Overture (Suppé)

Side 2: Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 2 in C-sharp minor (Liszt) /
"Poet And Peasant" Overture (Suppé)

WLP 6005 - 1960

  Director of Music - Major S.V. Hays, R.A.

"Great Marches"

Side 1: National Emblem / Old Comrades / Lorraine / Stars And Stripes /
Under Freedom's Flag / Wellington

Side 2: On The Quarter Deck / Wee MacGregor / Lynwood / Entry Of The Gladiators /
Great Little Army / New Colonial

[reissue of WLP 5004 plus added titles]

WLP 6006 - 1960

conducted by Michael Freedman, with (b) Charles Craig (tenor);
(c) William Davis (organ solo); (d) Ronald Smith (piano solo); (e) Tessa Robbins acc. by Robin Wood (violin & piano); (f) John Hanson (tenor); (g) Margot Barry (singer)

"Request Programme"

Side 1: (b) On With The Motley ("I Pagliacci", Leoncavallo) / (a) Schubert's Serenade (Ständchen, D 957 No. 4) /
(c) Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life (Herbert) / (d) Prelude In C Sharp Minor (Rachmaninov) / (e) Souvenir (Drdla) /
(a) Play Gypsy Play ("Countess Maritza", Kálmán)

Side 2: (f) I Love You So ("The Merry Widow", Lehár) / (a) Intermezzo ("Cavalleria Rusticana", Mascagni) /
(g) One Fine Day ("Madame Butterfly", Puccini) / (e) Intermezzo ("Escape To Happiness", Provost) / (d) Liebestraume (Liszt) / (a) The Tritsch Tratsch Polka (Strauss II)

WLP 6007

with Jean Campbell, Paul Rich & the Mike Sammes Singers
directed by Gordon Franks

"Anniversary Party"

Side 1: Happy Birthday To You / Jolly Good Company / Down On The Farm /
Anniversary Song / Look For The Silver Lining /
The More We Are Together / Silver Threads Among The Gold / Sunny Side Up

Side 2: I'm Twenty-One Today / For He's A Jolly Good Fellow /
Yes, Sir, That's My Baby / My Old Dutch / Row, Row, Row /
Party Dance: Gay Gordons - Conga - Hunting Gallop / Show Me The Way To Go Home /
Aulde Lang Syne

WLP 6008 - 1961


"Highland Fling"

Side 1: Set - The Skye Boat Song - The Pibroch Of Donhuil Dhu - The Marquis Of Huntley -
The Piper O'Drummond - Highland Laddie /
Marches - My Home - The March Of The Cameron Men - Up In The Morning Early - The Steam Boat
Strathspey - The Standard On The Braes O'Mar / Reel - Sandy Duff

Side 2: Foursome Reel - Monymusk - Louden's Bonnie Woods And Braes - Reel O'Tulloch -
Mrs. Macleod Of Rassay / Marches - Lochanside - The Glendaruel Highlanders -
Scotland The Brave - Mhari Ban Og - The Inverness Gathering

[mostly reissue of WLP 5005 plus added titles, also reissued elsewhere]

WLP 6009 - 1960

Solo Violin on "Scherherazade" - Tessa Robbins

"Rimsky-Korsakov - Excerpts from Scherherazade Symphonic Suite, Op. 35,
with "William Tell" Overture - Rossini"

Side 1: "Scherherazade" - 1st Movement - The Sea And Sinbad's Ship /
2nd Movement - The Story Of The Kalandar Prince /
3rd Movement - The Young Prince And The Young Princess /

Side 2: 4th Movement - Festival In Baghdad - The Sea /
"William Tell" Overture (Rossini)

[mostly reissue of WLP 5001 plus added title, also reissued elsewhere]

WLP 6010

  conducted by MICHAEL FREEDMAN

"Beethoven's Fifth Symphony / Verdi "La Forza Del Destino" Overture"

Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67 (Beethoven)

Side 1: 1st Movement - Allegro Con Brio / 2nd Movement - Andante Con Moto /
3rd Movement - Allegro

Side 2: 4th Movement - Allegro /
"La Forza Del Destino (The Force Of Destiny)" (Verdi) - Overture

[mostly reissue of WLP 5000 plus added title]



"Candlelight And Strings"

Side 1: Babette / Love Is Where You Find It / So In Love /
Tango Bolero / Boutade Basque / Gipsy Fiddler

Side 2: If I Loved You / Granada / Pretty Bride / Leap Year Waltz /
El Cumbanchero / Fiddler's Boogie

[Track-listing needs confirmation - the closing title on both sides may in fact be the opening title on that side]

[This is a reissue of Oriole MG 20018 by Michael Freedman & His Debutantes]
[reissued on Senator WSR 828 as by Jacques Leroy & His Orchestra]

WLP 6012 - 1961


"Salute To Count Basie & Tommy Dorsey"

Side 1: April In Paris / Basie Boogie / Blue And Sentimental / Jumpin' At The Woodside /
Swingin' The Blues / One O'Clock Jump

Side 2: Opus 1 / Tea For Two Cha-Cha / Song Of India / I'm Getting Sentimental Over You /
On The Sunny Side Of The Street / Marie

[reissued on Senator WSR 827 as by Jimmy Wright & His Orchestra]

WLP 6013 - 1961

with: (a) Gerry Grant; (b) Janet Waters; (c) Andy Cole

"Holiday Tour"

Side 1: France - Pigalle / J'Attendrai / La Vie En Rose (Take Me To Your Heart Again) /
(a) La Mer / (b) Parlez Moi D'Amour / Chez Moi
Spain - El Relicario / (b) La Violetera / La Paloma

Side 2: Spain - Spanish Gypsy Dance / (c) Granada / Valencia
Italy - (c) Marie, Marie / Love's Last Word Is Spoken (Parlami D'Amore Mariu) /
Funiculi Funicula / (c) Mattinata ('Tis The Day) /
Drigo's Serenade (Les Millions D'Harlequin) / Arrivederci Roma

WLP 6014 - 1961

  conducted by MICHAEL FREEDMAN

"Concert Favourites"

Side 1: Jealousy / Legend Of The Glass Mountain / Elizabethan Serenade /
Gold And Silver / Ritual Fire Dance

Side 2: Warsaw Concerto / Belle Of The Ball / Dream Of Olwen /
By The Sleepy Lagoon / Humoresque

WLP 6015 - 1961

HAROLD SMART on the Hammond Organ

"Smart Work"

Side 1: Twelfth Street Rag / Forgotten Dreams / Always True To You In My Fashion /
Petite Waltz / Green Cuckatoo / I've Got My Eyes On You /
So Blue / Lover

Side 2: Sweet Georgia Brown / Home / Let's Do It, Let's Fall In Love / Brazill /
Lullaby Of Broadway / Chinatown, My Chinatown /
Never On Sunday / Little Rock Getaway

WLP 6016 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Charles Craig; (b) Estelle Valery; (c) John Cameron;
(d) Jean Campbell; (e) Charles Young; (f) Elizabeth Humphries;
(g) Nowakowski; (h) John Hanson; (i) Irene Logan

"Vocal Gems From 3 Great Operettas"

Side 1: "The Student Prince" - (a) Serenade [mistakenly credited to (e) on sleeve] / (b,c) Just We Two /
(b&Chorus) Student's Marching Song / (a) Drinking Song / (a,c) Golden Days / (a,b) Deep In My Heart
"Show Boat" - (d) Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man / (e,f) Why Do I Love You? / (d) Bill

Side 2: "Show Boat" - (e,f) Make Believe / (g) Ol' Man River
"The Merry Widow" - (h) Women / (i) Oh, Come Away Away /
(i) Vilia / (h) Maxim's / (i) The Cavalier / (h,i) I Love You So

WLP 6017 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Barry Johns; (b) Pauline Shepherd; (c) Paul Rich; (d) Leoni Page;
(e) Gerry Grant; (f) Michael Bond; (g) Barry Kendall; (h) Doreen Hume; (i) Group;
(j) John Hanson; (k) Charles Young; (l) Jean Campbell
"Vocal Gems from 4 Great Musicals, Album 1"

Side 1: "South Pacific" - (a) Some Enchanted Evening / (b) I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair /
(c) Younger Than Springtime / (d) A Wonderful Guy / "My Fair Lady" - (d) I Could Have Danced All Night /
(e) I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face / (d) Show Me / (f) Get Me To The Church On Time /
(g) On The Street Where You Live / (d) Wouldn't It Be Loverly / The Rain In Spain / (f) With A Little Bit Of Luck

Side 2: "Carousel" - (h) Mister Snow / (i) A Real Nice Clambake / (j) You'll Never Walk Alone / (h,,j) If I Loved You /
(h,j) June Is Bustin' Out All Over / "Flower Drum Song" - (d) A Hundred Million Miles / (k) You Are Beautiful /
(l) I Enjoy Being A Girl / (k) Like A God / (l) Chop Suey / (d) Love Look Away / (d,k) Sunday / (l) Grant Avenue

WLP 6018 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Doreen Hume; (b) John Hanson; (c) Margot Barry; (d) Barry Johns;
(e) Bobby Britton; (f) Neville Taylor; (g) Iris Villiers; (h) Paul Rich; (i) Andy Cole
"Vocal Gems from 4 Great Musicals, Album 2"

Side 1: "The King And I" - (a) Getting To Know You / (b) Hello Young Lovers / (a,b) Shall We Dance /
(a,b) We Kiss In A Shadow / March Of The Siamese Children / (a) I Whistle A Happy Tune
"Porgy And Bess" - (c,d) A Woman Is A Sometime Thing / (e) Bess You Is My Woman / (d) I'm On My Way /
(f) I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' / (c) Summertime / (d) It Ain't Necessarily So

Side 2: "Oklahoma" - (a,b) People Will Say We're In Love / (a,b) Oklahoma - (a,b) /
(a,b) Oh, What A Beautiful Morning / (a,b) Out Of My Dreams / (a,b) Surrey With A Fringe On Top
"The Sound Of Music" - (g) The Sound Of Music / (h) Sixteen Going On Seventeen /
(g) My Favourite Things / (i) Climb Ev'ry Mountain / (h) Edelweiss / (g) Do-Re-Mi

WLP 6019 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Laurie Gold & His Pieces Of Eight; (b) Gordon Franks & His Orchestra;
(c) Carlo Montez & His Orchestra; (d) Embassy Ballroom Players dir. by Eddie Macauley;
(e) The Midnight Jazzmen; (f) The Charleston Chasers; (g) Franchito & His Orchestra;
(h) The Rock 'n' Rollers dir. by Ken Jones; (i)  Embassy Players & Singers dir. by
Ken Jones; (j) Harold Smart; (k) The Romancers dir. by Ken Jones; (l) Bobby Brent
"Dance Date"

Side 1: (a) Sensation Rag (QS) / (b) Tea For Two Cha-Cha / (c) Tico Tico (S) /
(d) A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody (FT) / (e) South Rampart Street Parade (QS) /
(f) Charleston / (g) La Cumparsita (T) / (h) Ko-Ko-Mo (Rock)

Side 2: (b) Patricia (Baion) / (i) S'Wonderful (QS) / (j) So Blue (W) / (f) I Wonder Where My baby Is Tonight /
(g) El Choclo (T) / (k) Tenderly (FT) / (c) Perfidia (Cha-Cha) / (l) When You Wore A Tulip (QS)

WLP 6020 - 1961


"20 Irish Melodies"

Side 1: It's A Great Day For The Irish / (a) A Little Bit Of Heaven / When Irish Eyes Are Smiling /
(a) I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen / Irish Washerwoman /
(a) Dear Little Shamrock / Dear Old Donegal / (a) Eileen Alannah /
Kerry Dance / (a) Mother Macree

Side 2: If You're Irish, Come Into The Parlour / With My Shillelagh Under My Arm /
(a) The Rose Of Tralee / (a) Galway Bay / The Wearing Of The Green /
(a) The Mountains Of Mourne / Cockles And Mussels / Phil The Fluter's Ball /
(a) Kathleen Mavourneen / Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)

WLP 6021 - 1961


"20 Scottish Melodies"

Side 1: Scotland The Brave / (a) Donald, Where's Your Troosers? / My Ain Folk /
Medley: The Campbells Are Coming - Bluebells Of Scotland - Wi' A Hundred Pipers An A' /
Loch Lomond / (a) Stop Your Ticklin' Jock / Annie Laurie / Charlie Is My Darling

Side 2: (a) Medley: Roamin' In The Gloamin' - Just A Wee Deoch And Doris - I Love A Lassie /
Comin' Thro' The Rye / Scottish Soldier / Down In The Glen / The Road To The Isles /
Skye Boat Song / Scottish Reel (Mrs. McLeod) / (a) I Belong To Glasgow

WLP 6022 - 1961

accompanied by Robin Wood, piano

"Your Favourite Violin Solos"

Side 1: Hejre (Hubay) / On Wings Of Song (Mendelssohn, arr. Achron) / Czardas (Monti) /
Schön Rosmarin (Kreisler) / Intermezzo (from "Escape To Happiness", Provost) /
Valse Bluette (Drigo, arr. Auer)

Side 2: Dance Español (Granados, arr. Kreisler) / Salut d'Amour (Elgar) /
Hora Staccato (Dinicu, arr. Heifetz) /
Souvenir (Drdla) / Élégie (Massanet) / Caprice Viennois (Kreisler)

[reissue of WLP 5006 plus added titles; this LP reissued on Senator WSR 823]

WLP 6023 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Rikki Henderson; (b) Vicki Stevens; (c) Paul Rich;
(d) Michael Bond; (e) Leoni Page; (f) Chorus

"Hit Songs From West-End Successes"

Side 1: "Bye-Bye Birdie" - (a) Put On A Happy Face / (b) One Boy / (a) One Last Kiss /
(a) A Lot Of Livin' To Do / (b,c) Rosie / (c) Baby, Talk To Me
"Oliver!" - (c) Consider Yourself / (b) Where Is Love? / (f) Food, Glorious Food

Side 2: "Oliver!" - (c) Reviewing The Situation / (b) As Long As He Needs Me / (f) I'd Do Anything
"The Music Man" - (d) Seventy-Six Trombones / (e) Goodnight, My Someone /
(f) Wells Fargo Wagon / (e) Till There Was You / (f) Lida Rose /
(e) Will I Ever Tell You?

WLP 6024 - 1961

Singers & Orchestra directed by James Wright with:
(a) Rikki Henderson; (b) Paul Rich; (c) Chorus

"Memories Of Al Jolson"

Side 1: (c) California Here I Come / (a) April Showers /
(a) Is It True What They About Dixie? /
(b) Sonny Boy / (c) Toot Toot Tootsie / (c) Avalon

Side 2: (c) Sawnee / (a) Rock-a-bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody /
(b) Anniversary Song / (c) Waiting For The Robert E. Lee /
(c) Carolina In The Morning / (b) My Mammy

WLP 6025 - 1961

(a) Charles Young; (b) Barry Johns; (c) Paul Rich; (d) Chorus
with Orchestra directed by James Wright

"The Happy Minstrel Show"

Side 1: (d) Polly Wolly Doodle - Camptown Races - Oh Susannah /
(a) Shine On Harvest Moon / (b) Poor Old Joe / (d) Old Folks At Home /
(a) Beautiful Dreamer / (c) Give Me The Moonlight /
(b) Ma Curly Headed Baby / (d) Wait Till The Sun Shines Nelly

Side 2: (c) Coal Black Mammy / (a) Lily Of Laguna / (b) My Old Kentucky Home /
(d) Little Dolly Daydream / (a) I Dream Of Jeannie / (b) Mighty Lak A Rose /
(d) Oh Dem Golden Slippers - Some Folks Do - Good Night Ladies

WLP 6026 - 1961

Chorus & Orchestra directed by James Wright with:
(a) Rikki Henderson; (b) Paul Rich

"Memories Of Irving Berlin"

Side 1: Alexander's Ragtime Band / Cheek To Cheek / (a) Blue Skies / We Saw The Sea /
(b) What'll I Do? / (a) A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Side 2: Everybody's Doing It Now / Say It With Music /
There's No Business Like Show Business /
(b) Always / (a) Easter Parade / (b) How Deep Is The Ocean?

[reissued on Senator WSR 821]

WLP 6027

It is reasonable to assume that this LP was not issued,
or quickly removed from sale after release, or possibly issued for Export only

WLP 6028 - 1962


"Honky Tonk Piano"

Side 1: Canadian Capers / Oh, You Beautiful Doll / I'm Just Wild About Harry /
Everybody's Doing It / Temptation Rag / Sleepy Time Gal /
When You're Smiling

Side 2: Black And White Rag / You Made Me Love You / Nobody's Sweetheart /
Last Night On The Back Porch / Maple Leaf Rag / Who's Sorry Now /
When The Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves For Alabam

WLP 6029 - 1961


"Hawaiian Paradise"

Side 1: On The Beach At Waikiki / The Moon Of Manakoora / Down On Ami Ami Oni Oni Isle /
Drifting And Dreaming / My Little Grass Shack /
Sing Me A Song Of The Islands / Aloha Oe

Side 2: South Sea Island Magic / On The Beach At Bali Bali / Blue Hawaii /
Pagan Love Song / Honolulu Blues / Blue Tahitian Moon /
Goodbye Hawaii

WLP 6030 - 1961


"Riverboat Banjo Band"

Side 1: Row, Row, Row / Moonlight Bay / On The Mississippi /
I'm Sitting On Top Of The World / Yes Sir, That's My Baby /
How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm / You Are My Sunshine

Side 2: If You Knew Suzie / For Me And My Gal / He'd Have To Get Under /
Don't Fence Me In / Beer Barrel Polka /
Somebody Stole My Gal / Paddlin' Madelin' Home

WLP 6031 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Rikki Henderson; (b) Bobby Stevens; (c) Joe Julian;
(d) Johnny Worth; (e) Paul Rich; (f) Don Duke; (g) Steve Stannard & His Orchestra;
(h) Jacques Leroy & His Orchestra; (i) Jean Campbell

"The Best Of The Bunch - Sixteen Top-Twenty Tunes "

Side 1: (a) It's Now Or Never / (b) Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport / (c) Side Saddle /
(d) Living Doll / (a) Come Prima / (e) My Old Man's A Dustman /
(d) Tom Dooley / (d) What Do You Want?

Side 2: (a) Volare / (f) Mack The Knife / (g) Theme From A Summer Place / (a) Why /
(h) Petite Fleur / (f) Chain Gang / (i) Robot Man /
(a) Are You Lonesome Tonight

WLP 6032 - 1961

  Vocal Refrains by (a) DON DUKE; (b) BOBBY STEVENS

"Back To The 20's"

Side 1: Dardanella / (b,a) That's My Weakness Now / (a) You're Driving Me Crazy /
Stumbling / (b) Here I Am, Broken-Hearted /
(a) Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Side 2: Doo Wacka Doo / (b,a) When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along /
(a) Pasadena / Chili Bom Bom / (a) Happy days And Lonely Nights /
(b) If I Had A Talking Picture Of You

WLP 6033 - 1961


"Home On The Range"

Side 1: Mule Train / Call Of The Canyon / (Roll Along) Wagon Train / Old Shep /
Home On The Range / Ole Faithful

Side 2: The Last Round-up / High Noon / Cool Water / Boots And Saddle /
Tumbling Tumbleweed / The Clock On The Wall

WLP 6034 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Rikki Henderson; (b) Johnny Worth; (c) Paul Rich;
(d) Bobby Stevens; (e) Hal Munro

"Tribute To Elvis"

Side 1: (a) It's Now Or Never (O Sole Mio) / (b) I Got Stung / (a) Wild In The Country /
(c) Hard Headed Woman / (d) Wooden Heart / (d) A Mess Of Blues /
(a) Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Side 2: (d) Stuck On You / (a) Surrender (Torna A Surriento) / (e) Jailhouse Rock /
(b) A Fool Such As I / (b) King Creole / (e) Wear My Ring Around Your Neck /
(a) Let's Have A Party

WLP 6035 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Laurie Gold & His Pieces Of Eight; (b) The Dixielanders

"Dixieland Band Contest"

Side 1: (a) Sensation Rag / (b) When You Wore A Tulip / (b) Careless Love /
(a) Down By The Old Millstream / (b) Original Dixieland One-Step /
(a) Washington And Lee Swing / (b) South Rampart St. Parade

Side 2: (a) High Society / (b) Milenberg Joys / (b) Someday You'll Be Sorry /
(a) Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland / (b) Chicago /
(a) Jazz Me Blues / (b) Margie

[reissued on Senator WSR 826]

WLP 6036 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Group; (b) Kenny Bardell; (c) Bob Dale;
(d) Embassy Singers dir. by Jacques Leroy; (e) Elizabeth Humphries;
(f) The Choristers; (g) Four in a Chord; (h) Bobbie Britton

"Christmas At Home!"

Side 1: (a) Jingle Bells / (b) White Christmas / (c) Mary's Boy Child / (d) Little Donkey /
(a) I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus / (e) Away In A Manger / (f) Silent Night

Side 2: (a) Come Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl / (d) Little Drummer Boy /
(g) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer / (h) The Village Of St. Bernadette /
(e) The Twelve Days Of Christmas / (a) Bless This House / (f) The First Noel

WLP 6037 - 1961

Singers with Orchestra directed by

"Let's All Sing"

Side 1: Looking At The World Thro' Rose-Coloured Glasses - I Love To Whistle - Sing As We Go /
Mary's A Grand Old Name - Give Me A Little Cosy Corner - Cuddle Up A Little Closer /
Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me / Ballin' The Jack - Dinah - Me And My Shadow

Side 2: Moonlight Bay - Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet - When You're Smiling /
If You Were The Only Girl In The World - Let The Great Big World Keep Turning -
There's A Long, Long Trail / The Band Played On /
Let The Rest Of The World Go By - Just Like The Ivy - Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland

WLP 6038 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Paul Rich; (b) Rita Williams; (c) Michael Bond; (d) Group

"Music Hall Memories"

Side 1: (a) Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend - (b) Hold Your Hand Out Naughty Boy -
(d) Let's All Go Down The Strand / (b) Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Bow -
(c) I'm Henry The Eighth I Am - (b) Don't Dilly Dally On The Way / (d) Sweet Adeline /
(d) Daisy Bell - Two Lovely Black Eyes - Down At The Old Bull And Bush

Side 2: (a) She Was Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage - (b) It's A Bit Of A Ruin That Cromwell Knocked About A Bit -
(c) Any Old Iron / (b) Our Lodger's Such A Nice Young Man - A Little Of What You Fancy -
(a) Boiled Beef And Carrots / (d) Nellie Dean / (d) Ta-Ra-Ra Boon De-Ay -
(a) The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo - (d) I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

WLP 6039 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Ann Lancaster; (b) Peter Bayliss;
(c) Nigel Sharpe; (d) Louis Adams

"The Fairy Stories Of Hans Christian Anderson"

Side 1: The Tinder Box (a,b,d) /
The Princess And The Pea (a,c,d) /
The Ugly Duckling (a,c,d)

Side 2: Hansel And Gretel (a,c,d) /
Thumbelina (a,c,d)

[reissued on W & G, Australia, WG-25/5031]

WLP 6040 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Ann Lancaster; (b) Peter Bayliss;
(c) Nigel Sharpe; (d) Louis Adams

"The Fairy Stories Of Grimm & Others"

Side 1: (a,b) Babes In The Wood / (a,b,d) The Pied Piper Of Hamelin /
(a,b) The Princess And The Golden Ball

Side 2: (a,c,d) Rumpelstiltskin / (a,c,d) The Goose Girl

[reissued on W & G, Australia, WG-25/5032]

WLP 6041 - 1961

Various Artists: (a) Bobby Stevens; (b) Don Duke; (c) Johnny Worth;
(d) Rikki Henderson; (e) Hal Burton
Accompaniment directed by James Wright

"Tribute To Cliff"

Side 1: (a) The Young Ones / (b) When The Girl In Your Arms / (c) Living Doll /
(c) A Voice In The Wilderness / (b) Theme For A Dream /
(b) Travellin' Light / (d) High Class Baby

Side 2: (b) Gee Whiz It's You / (b) Please Don't Tease /
(c) Nine Times Out Of Ten / (a) I Love You /
(a) Fall In Love With You / (a) A Girl Like You / (e) Move It!

WLP 6042 - 1962

with Orchestra directed by William Llewellyn

"The Best Of Gilbert & Sullivan, Vol. 1"

Side 1: "The Mikado" - Behold The Lord High Executioner - A Wand'ring Minstrel I -
Three Little Maids From School - Brightly Dawns Our Wedding Day -
The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring - Tit Willow - For He's Gone And Married Yum Yum /
"The Gondoliers"
- A Regular Royal Queen - I Stole The Prince - For The Merriest Fellows Are We

Side 2: "The Gondoliers" - Dance A Cachucha - Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes - There Lived A King /
"The Pirates Of Penzance" - When The Foeman Bares His Steel -
I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General - How Beautifully Blue The Sky -
Poor Wand'ring One - Ah, Leave Me Not To Pine - With Cat-Like Tread

WLP 6043 - 1962

with Rhythm Accompaniment

"Tommy Sanderson (Piano) Plays 20 Great Tunes Of The 20's"

Side 1: Don't Bring Lulu - Me And My Shadow - That Certain Party / I'll Get By / Sleepy Time Gal -
Breezin' Along With The Breeze / It Had To be You / Sweet Georgia Brown -
Yes Sir, That's My Baby - Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue

Side 2: Avalon - Bye Bye Blackbird - Four Leaf Clover / My Sweetie Went Away - I Cried For You /
She's Funny That Way / Singing In The Rain - All I Do is Dream Of You /
Miss Annabelle Lee - There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder

WLP 6044 - 1962

Various Artists: (a) Bud Ashton; (b) Steve Stannard & His Orchestra;
(c) The Happy Knights Jazz Band; (d) Turk Ellis

"Play Man, Play!"

Side 1: (a) Nut Rocker / (a) Wonderful Land / (b) Stranger On The Shore /
(a) Rockin' Goose / (a) F.B.I. / (a) (Ghost) Riders In The Sky /
(a) Kon-Tiki

Side 2: (c) March Of The Siamese Children / (a) The Savage /
(d) On The Rebound / (a) Man Of Mystery /
(a) Ja-Da / (a) Theme From Dixie / (a) Apache

WLP 6045 -1962

Various Artists: (a) John Cameron; (b) Andy Cole; (c) Estelle Valery; (d) Lissa Gray
with Singers & Orchestra directed by Gordon Franks

"Songs From Four Great Musicals"

Side 1: "The Desert Song" - (c) French Military Marching Song - (b,c) The Desert Song - (a) The Riff Song -
(b) One Alone - (c) Romance /
"Rose Marie" - (a) The Mounties - (b) Rose Marie - (c) Door Of My Dreams

Side 2: "Rose Marie" - (d) Totem Tom-Tom - (b,c) Indian Love Call /
"The New Moon"
- (Singers) Stout-Hearted Men - (b,c) Lover, Come Back To Me - (b) Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise / "The Vagabond King" - (a) Song Of The Vagabonds - (a,d) Only A Rose

[This also exists as an Israeli pressing, and was reissued on W & G, Australia, WG-25/5039, and in Canada, etc.]

WLP 6046 - 1962

THE LINDEN SINGERS with Solo Singers: (a) John Huw Davies; (b) Ursula Connors;
(c) Ruth Little; (d) Edward Darling; (e) Pauline Stevens; (f) Christopher Keyte;
Choir & Orchestra Directed by William Llewellyn

"Land Of My Fathers! - Songs Of Wales"

Side 1: All Through The Night / (a) Counting The Goats / (b) Bells Of Aberdovey /
Hunting The Hare / David Of The White Rock / (a) Hob Y Deri Dando /
Deck The Hall (Nos Galan) New Year's Eve / (a) Hun Gwenllian / Men Of Harlech

Side 2: The Ash Grove / Forth To Battle (Capt. Morgan's March) / Gwcw Fach (Cuckoo) /
(c) Suo-gan (Lullaby) / (a) Sospan Fach / (d) Watching The Wheat / (a) Robin Ddiog /
(a) Mentra Gwen / (e,b,d,f) Land Of My Fathers

WLP 6047 - 1962

Featuring: GEORGE CHISHOLM (trombone); STAN RODERICK (Trumpet);
BOB BURNS (Clarinet); Jock Cummings (drums); Alan Metcalfe (Guitar);
Dave Goldberg [correct name](guitar & banjo); Peter Collins (bass);
Gordon Franks (piano)[artists listed per sleeve]

"The Stars Play Jazz"

Side 1: Bugle Call Rag / Someday, Sweetheart / Royal Garden Blues /
Sweet Lorraine / Copenhagen / Everybody Loves My Baby

Side 2: Dinah / Singin' The Blues / Indiana / Riverboat Shuffle /
Clarinet Marmalade / I Found A New Baby

WLP 6048 - 1962

Piano with Rhythm Accompaniment

"Tommy Sanderson Plays 20 Great Tunes Of The 30's"

Side 1 : When You're Smiling - You Are My Lucky Star - Who's Taking You Home Tonight /
Where Are You - I'm In The Mood For Love / Lullaby Of Broadway /
That Old Feeling - Love Is The Sweetest Thing /  You're Driving Me Crazy - I Only Have Eyes For You

Side 2: It Happened In Monterey - Old Shanty Town / How Deep Is The Ocean /
Young And Healthy - I'm Shooting High / Let's Fall In Love - If I Could Be With You /
Jeepers Creepers - I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again -I Double Dare You 

WLP 6049

with Orchestra directed by William Llewellyn

"The Best Of Gilbert & Sullivan, Vol. 2"

Side 1: "H.M.S. Pinafore" - We Sail The Ocean Blue - A British Tar - Never Mind The Why And Wherefore -
I Am The Captain Of The Pinafore - I Am The Monarch Of The Sea - I'm Called Little Buttercup - When I Was A Lad / "Iolanthe" - Loudly Let The Trumpet Bray - When You're Lying Awake - The Law Is The True Embodiment

Side 2: "Iolanthe" - With Strephon For Your Foe, No Doubt - When All Night Long A Chap Remains - Finale /
"The Yeomen Of The Guard" - Hereupon We're Both Agreed - I Have A Song To Sing, O! -
A Man Who Would Woo A Fair Maid - When Our Gallant Norman Foes -
Strange Adventure - Is Life A Boon?

WLP 6050

except (a) The Stories told by ANN LANCASTER

"Children's Party"

Side 1: Girls And Boys Come Out To Play / Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat - Hey Diddle Diddle, The Cat And The Fiddle -
Three Little Kittens / (a) The Story Of Cinderella / The Muffin Man - Old King Cole - There Was A Crooked Man -
This Old Man / Looby Loo / Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son / Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses

Side 2: The Fly And The Humble Bee - Ride a Cock Horse - Pop Goes The Weasel / (a) The Story Of Jack And
The Beanstalk / Little Polly Flinders - Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary - Lucy Locket - Little Miss Muffet /
The Paw-Paw Patch / Skip To My Lou / The Duke Of York / Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

[reissued on W & G, Australia, WG-25/5040]

WLP 6051 - 1962


"Scottish Country Dances"

Side 1: The Highland Reel (Reel, 6 x 32 bars): Lady Hunter Blair's Reel - Old Bog Hole -
The Manchester Hornpipe / The River Cree (Jig, 8 x 32 bars): Jackson's Bottle Of Claret - Mary Bain's Wedding -
I Lo'e Nae A Laddie But Ane / Scottish Waltz: My Heart's In The Highlands - Last May A Braw Woo'er -
A Fairy Lullaby - Dream Angus / Muirland Willie (Jig, 8 x 32 bars): Couper Angus Jig - My Daddy Oh!

Side 2: Jig - Kitty Campbell's Reel (Jig, 8 x 32 bars): Old Rosin The Beau - Miss Sally Hunter -
Stool Of Repentance / Strathspey - Glasgow Flourish (8 x 32 bars): Miss Admiral's Gordon Reel - Eagers -
Mrs. Baird Of Newbyth - Castles In The Air - My Ain Lassie - Drumlanrig Castle - Jessie Smith /
Gay Gordons
: 79th's Farewell To Gibralta - Paardeburg

WLP 6052 - 1962

Various Artists: (a) Les Carle; (b) Marion Williams; (c) Bud Ashton;
(d) Bobby Stevens; (e) Paul Rich; (f) Redd Wayne; (g) Kay Barry

"Juke Box Favourites"

Side 1: (a) She's Not You / (b) The Loco-Motion / (a) It'll Be Me / (c) Telstar /
(d) I'm Looking Out The WIndow / (e) Roses Are Red

Side 2: (d) I Remember You / (f) Speedy Gonzales / (c) Guitar Tango / (d) Good Luck Charm /
(d,g) Come Outside / (e) I Can't Stop Loving You

WLP 6053 - 1962

  directed by ERIC WILSON HYDE

"Your Favourites Hymns"

Side 1: Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven / Nearer To My God To Thee / Rock Of Ages /
Jesu, Lover Of My Soul / O God Our Help In Ages Past /
All People That On Earth Do Dwell

Side 2: The Old Rugged Cross / Onward Christian Soldiers / When I Survey The Wondrous Cross /
Lead Kindly Light / The King Of Love My Shepherd Is / Abide With Me

WLP 6054 - 1963


"Piano Masterpieces"

Side 1: Prelude In C Sharp Minor (Rachmaninov) /
Revolutionary Study (No. 12 in C minor)(Chopin) /
Liebestraum (Liszt) / Campanella (Liszt) /
Autumn (Chaminade)

Side 2: Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Bach-Hess) /
Minute Waltz (Opus 64, No. 1, in D flat)(Chopin) /
Gnomenreigen (Liszt) / Turkish Rondo (Mozart) /
Hunagrian Rhapsody (No. 2 in C sharp minor)(Liszt)

WLP 6055


"Pianos For Two"

Side 1: España / Swedish Polka / The First Waltz / Autumn Leaves /
Funiculi Funicula / The Continental

Side 2: Spanish Gypsy Dance / The Grasshopper's Dance / Gopak /
Chicken Reel / Cossack Ride / Granada

WLP 6056 - 1963


"Housewives' Playtime"

Side 1: The Gypsy In My Soul / Tangerine / Poor Little Rich Girl / Our Love Is Here To Stay /
That Old Black Magic / Love Is Just Around The Corner /
Last Night On The Back Porch

Side 2: All The Things You Are / Babette / A Foggy Day / Beautiful Love / I Hear Music /
Just In Time / Vilia

WLP 6057 - 1963

Various Artists: (a) Don Duke; (b) The Starlings; (c) Paul Rich; (d) Marilyn Lee;
(e) Kenny Bardell; (f) Les Carle

"The Folk Singer"

Side 1: (a) The Folk SInger / (b) Greenback Dollar / (c) The Foggy, Foggy Dew /
(b) Where Have All The Flowers Gone / (d) Allentown Jail /
(b) The Green Leaves Of Summer

Side 2: (c) Lonesome Traveller / (e) Scarlet Ribbons / (b) 500 Miles / (f) The Blue Tail Fly /
(d) Careless Love / (b) I Know Where I'm Going

WLP 6058 - 1963

Director of Music: Captain H.A. Kenney, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., P.S.M.

"Holiday Bandstand"

Side 1: Wien Bleibt Wien / Westminster Waltz / Thunder And Lightning Polka /
Elizabethan Serenade / Runaway Rocking Horse / Galopade

Side 2: The King's Guard / Sweet Seventeen / The Girl I Left Behind Me / Georgian Rhumba /
 Wind In The Wood / Cavalcade Of Martial Songs

WLP 6059 - 1963


"Old Time Dancing"

Side 1: March Of The 1st Regiment / Tyrolean Whistler / Trudie / Radetzky (March) & Standard Of St. George /
Tokay / Weiner Burger / Scottish Celebrations

Side 2: Old Timers On Parade / Lovely Lady / Residential Daughters / Love Is The Sweetest Thing /
Put On Your Ta Ta Little Girlie / Tango Leonora / Steamboat Bill /
Dashing White Sergeant

[NOTE the back cover also gives details of the dance styles for each title, aimed at both professional
and serious amateur dance couples]

WLP 6060 - 1963


"Orchestral Favourites"

Side 1: In A Monastery Garden (Ketelbey) / Humoresque, Op. 101, No. 7 (Dvořák) /
Barcarolle (from "Tales Of Hoffman", Offenbach) /
Can-Can (from "Orpheus In The Underworld", Offenbach) /
The Blue Danube - Waltz (Strauss II)

Side 2: In A Persian Market (Ketelbey) / Serenade (Ständchen, D 957 No. 4, Schubert) /
Ritual Fire Dance (from "El Amor Brujo", de Falla) /
Intermezzo (from "Cavalleria Rusticana", Mascagni) / Tales From The Vienna Woods - Waltz (Strauss II)

WLP 6061 - 1963

Various Artists: (a) Ray Pilgrim; (b) Franchito & His Orchestra;
(c) The Charleston Chasers; (d) Paul Rich; (e) Bobby Stevens; (f) Rikki Henderson;
(g) James Wright & His Orchestra

"Teenage Beat"

Side 1: (a) Let's Dance / (b) Desafinado / (a) Some Kinda Fun / (c) Charleston /
(d) Twistin' The Night Away / (b) Fly Me To The Moon / (d) Dancin' Party

Side 2: (e) Peppermint Twist / (c) I'm Gonna Charleston / (d) The Twist /
(b) Blame It On The Bossa Nova /
(f) Rikki Henderson / (g) Must Be Madison / (d) Rock-A-Hula Baby

WLP 6062 - 1963

Various Artists: (a) Bobby Stevens; (b) The Starlings; (c) Mike Redway;
(d) The Typhoons; (e) Les Carle; (f) Ray Pilgrim

"Juke Box Favourites"

Side 1: (a) How Do You Do It / (b) Say I Won't Be There / (c) If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody /
(b) Hey Paula / (d) Sweets For My Sweet / (e) From A Jack To A King /
(f) Twist And Shout

Side 2: (d) From Me To You / (e) In Dreams / (f) I Like It / (c) Do You Want To Know A Secret /
(e) Nobody's Darlin' But Mine / (d) Please Please Me / (c) Lucky Lips

WLP 6063 - 1963

Various Artists: (a) Kenny Bardell; (b) Rikki Henderson; (c) The Starlings; (d) Les Carle;
(e) Mike Redway; (f) Mark Rogers; (g) Steve Stannard & His Orchestra; (h) Ray Pilgrim;
(i) James Wright & His Orchestra; (j) Vicky Stevens; (k) Jacques Leroy & His Orchestra

"The Best Of The Bunch"

Side 1: (a) Saw Wonderful Things / (b) The Wayward Wind / (c) Island Of Dreams /
(d) Take These Chains From My Heart / (e) Summer Holiday /
(f) Deck Of Cards / (g) Stranger On The Shore

Side 2: (h) I'm Confessin' / (b) Loop De Loop / (i) Maigret Theme / (j) As Long As He Needs Me /
(e) Go Away Little Girl / (k) Exodus / (d) The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

[NOTE: Same recording of "Deck Of Cards" was issued on Embassy WB 569 as by Hank Rogers]


WLP 6064

WLP 6065 - 1964

Various Artists: (a) The Typhoons; (b) Les Carle & The Beatmen; (c) Mike Redway;
(d) Ray Pilgrim; (e) Bobby Stevens

"Liverpool Beat"

Side 1: (a) She Loves You / (b) I'm The One / (a) I Think Of You / (a) From Me To You /
(a) Hippy Hippy Shake / (a) Please Please Me / (c) I'll Keep You Satisfied

Side 2: (a) I Want To Hold Your Hand / (c) Do You Want To Know A Secret / (c) Bad To Me /
(d) I Like It / (d) You''ll Never Walk Alone / (e) How Do You Do It /
(d) Twist And Shout

WLP 6066


"Take Your Partners"

Side 1: The National Emblem / Red Or White / Don't Bring Lulu / Hear My Song, Violetta /
When The Saints Go Marching In / Pride Of Erin Waltz Medley / Old Timers Everywhere / Emperor March

Side 2: Amparito Roca / Dream Of Delight / Theme For The Third Man / I Love The Little Things /
Say Wonderful Things / Wedding Of The Rose / Coloney Bogey

[NOTE the back cover also gives details of the dance styles for each title, aimed at both professional
and serious amateur dance couples]


WLP 6067 - 1964

Various Artists: (a) Redd Wayne; (b) Bud Ashton & His Group; (c) The Typhoons;
(d) Mike Redway; (e) Ray Pilgrim

"3 Big Beat Films"

Side 1: "Wonderful Life" - (a) Wonderful Life / (a) On The Beach / (a) Matter Of Moments /
(b) Theme For Young Lovers /
"A Hard Day's Night" - (c) I Should Have Known Better / (c) Tell Me Why

Side 2: "A Hard Day's Night" - (c) A Hard Day's Night / (c) And I Love Her /
"Summer Holiday" - (d) Summer Holiday / (d) The Next Time / (b) Foot Tapper / (e) Bachelor Boy

WLP 6068 - 1965

RUSS HENDERSON & A Group Of The Best West Indian Artists In London
(a) Ray Blair; (b) Verson Neptune [sic]
[BB] = Blue Beat  -  [C] = Calypso
Drums by Stirling Bettancourt & Irwin Clement
[the Steel Band is probably The Irwin Clement Steel Band]

"West Indian Nights"

Side 1: (a) Walking The Dog [BB] / (b) Coconut Woman [C] / (b) Yellow Bird [C] / (a) Kansas City Blues [BB] /
(b) Stone Cold Dead In De Market [C] / Peanut Vendor [by Steel Band]

Side 2: (a) Sammy Dead Oh! [C] / Non Ho L'Età Per Amarti [by Steel Band] / (b) Marianne [C] /
Watermelon Man [BB] / (b) Jamaica Farewell [C] / West Indian Drums

WLP 6069 - 1965

Various Artists: (a) Joan Baxter; (b) Terry Brandon; (c) Dave Charles;
(d) Marilyn Lee; (e) Ray Pilgrim & The Beatmen; (f) Joan Baxter & The Beatmen;
(g) The Typhons

"14 Top Pops"

Side 1: (There's) Always Something There To Remind Me (a) / Oh, Pretty Woman (b) /
The Wedding (a) / Hello, Dolly! (c) / My Guy (d) / Have I The Right (e) /
Baby Love (f)

Side 2: My Boy Lollipop (a) / It's Over (b) / I'm Into Something Good (g) /
The House Of The Rising Sun (g) / Do Wah Diddy Diddy (g) /
You're My World (a) / You Really Got Me (g)

WLP 6070 - 1965


"The Herd Rides Again"

Side 1: Northwest Passage / Caldonia / Wildroot / The Good Earth /
Blowin' Up A Storm / It's Coolin' Time

Side 2: I Cover The Waterfront / Crazy Rhythm / Sinbad The Sailor / Fire Island /
Black Orchid / Bijou

[licensed from Everest, U.S.A.]

WLP 6071


"Rollin' West"

Side 1: Wagons West / High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) / Empty Saddles / Riders In The Sky /
Home On The Range / The Old Chisholm Trail

Side 2: Cool Water / The Last Round-Up / The Lilies Grow High (Gunmen's Ballad) /
Tumbling Tumbleweeds / Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle /
Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie

[licensed from Everest, U.S.A.]


WLP 6072 - 1965

featuring Harry Edison

"Smooth Jazz"

Side 1: Vamp 'Til Ready / You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me / Should I /
Sandy's Body / Thou Swell / Show Time

Side 2: Liza / But Not For Me / Royal Garden Blues / Mozelles' Alley / Sox Trot /
In The Forrest [sic]

[licensed from Everest, U.S.A.]

WLP 6073 - 1965



Side 1: How High The Moon / Summertime / Orchids In The Moonlight / Amor /
What Is This Thing Called Love / Deep Purple

Side 2: Star Dust / True Love / All The Things You Are / La Cumparsita / Over The Rainbow /
The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)

[licensed from Everest, U.S.A.]

WLP 6074 - 1965

with Harry Sosnik & His Orchestra

"Nelson Eddy And Gale Sherwood"

Side 1: Wunderbar / One Night Of Love / If I Loved You / You And The Night And The Music /
The Song Is You / Just For Tonight

Side 2: Shall We Dance / One Alone / And This Is My Beloved / I Love You /
Our Love / You Are Love

[licensed from Everest, U.S.A.]

WLP 6075 - 1965


"The Exciting Sound Of Latin Piano"

Side 1: South American Joe / Carnival / Cachita / La Pansee / Cha Cha Flamenco /
Autumn Leaves - La Mer / Sway

Side 2: Cuban Mambo / Un Poquito De Tu Amor / Poiniciana / Peanut Vendor /
Begin The Beguine / Ring Ding

WLP 6076 - 1965


"Top TV Themes"

Side 1: Bonanza / High Wire (from "Danger Man") / Dick Van Dyke Theme / Dr. Who / Crane /
Carlos' Theme (from "The Sentimental Agent") / Gideon's Way

Side 2: How Soon (Theme from "The Richard Boone Show") / The Ballad Of Jed Clampett /
Our Man At St. Mark's / Theme From "Z Cars" / Dr. Kildare Theme /
Theme From "Maigret" / Coronation Street

[James Wright is actually Gordon Franks]

WLP 6077 - 1965


"Bill Mullins Sings Hank Snow & Melody Ranch Favourites"

Side 1: On That Old Hawaiian Shore / I Love You Because / Rockin' Alone In An Old Rockin' Chair /
The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise / You're The Reason / If It's Wrong To Love You

Side 2: Ridin' Down The Canyon / A Little More Like Heaven / Stolen Moments /
Have You Ever Been Lonely / Jealous Heart / Little Red Waggon

[licensed from W & G, Australia - Bill Mullin is correct name, he was born in Tasmania]

WLP 6078 - 1965


"Strictly For Dancing"

Side 1: S'Wonderful (QS) / It's Alright With Me (QS) / Diane (W) / Moon River (W) / The Nearness Of You (FT) / J'Attendrai (FT) /  Patricia (Cha-Cha)

Side 2: Crazy Rhythm (QS) / A Lot Of Living To Do (QS) / Fascination (W) / My Wonderful One (W) / Once In A While (FT) / Autumn Concerto (FT) / Ole Guapa (T)

[partly reissued on Hallmark HM 618]

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